Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Project #1- Retry

The TV Room
The Rec Room
The Game Room
The Play Room
The Basement, whatever its called here is what it looked like before.
We officially started painting this first, before the floor but the floor finished first.
Note the black marks on the wall, they were all over.
We decided to paint this room first so we could hang our TV on the wall. (So ghetto of I know.) But I had no idea what to paint it, my favorite wall color is gray but I didn't think that was good for the play room, or a cold basement so I let my five year old pick yellow. Its officially called Bavarian Cream.

The toy room portion. Don't mind the stack of diaper boxes in the corner, one day we'll put a bookcase there and unpack those boxes.

Tada, The TV portion of the game room. It needs one of those channel things to cover the cords. Ben where do you buy one?

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