Monday, May 16, 2011

The next month

As the next month of my life has the potential to be extremely stressful, I decided to plan out one of the most stressful parts of the day.
Yes this morning, I planned a month of dinners.
Breakfast is easy, we all love breakfast and there are plenty of choices.
But that leaves LUNCH!
Almost as stressful as dinner.  Maybe more.  My five year old has turn very picky.
So I need lunch ideas, please...
Here is the list of what he won't eat,
peanut butter
mac and cheese
grill cheese sandwiches
chicken nuggets
any form of potato
There might be more, this is all I can currently thing of.
So what do you feed your kids that don't include those items?


  1. Cinnamon Toast, sandwich meat sandwiches with different things to make it different: cheese not melted, pickles, lettuce, slices of cucumber, tomatoes, or just let him eat the sandwich meat. My kids like chicken or pepperoni on bread, ketchup some with mustard. We eat a lot of scrambled eggs for whatever meal, (our chickens are laying 6-8 eggs a day!), crackers instead of bread with something like cheese or jam or meat or cucumber...I like just jam sandwiches on toast. Also honey on toast. Celery stuffed with something, veggies with dip...I really like lunch. Usually I warm up leftover dinner the next day for lunch. Some weird casserole I concocted. Dinner at our house it the problem with my Picky kids.

  2. Wraps (Tortilla's wit lunch meat and cheese and what ever vegetables or salad dressing he will eat.)

    Rice Bowl (left over rice with cheese and frozen vegetables, gravy too if you have it.)

    Bean dip with chips

    Frog legs (chop off frogs legs, marinate in coconut milk, add pureed spinach and cook in microwave.)

    Noodles with frozen vegetables