Thursday, April 21, 2011

Happy Early Easter

My son asked me to buy him bunny ears. We found them at Target. They aren't the most masculine thing ever, but who cares. Old bunny is in the front.
If you notice the couch in the back is a different shade than normal. We got a used sectional from a friend. Why anyone would get a used sectional to move across two states is beyond me. But yet it sort of felt like a tithing blessing. We have too many other things to buy, to buy a second couch, but yet our TV will be in the basement. Luckily there is a slip cover that goes on top of it. Yes, it does feel like a blessing, because a slip cover alone cost more than I want to spend on a couch right now. I know some people wouldn't move crappy used furniture 11 hours. (Lets be honest in a moving truck, 11 is a goal.) Is my crappy used furniture even worth anything? I don't know but I know I wouldn't be able to replace it all right away, so its worth it to move, because my husband isn't about to get rid of our books and bookcases.  Not to mention our TV, and computers, are worth moving. Plus we have a lot of food storage. So if we are moving all that, I want to bring the boxed up baby clothes, now our moving bill is already up, which means its cost effective to move my furniture. Lets not forget our beds which weren't used when we bought them.
This was suppose to be a Happy Early Easter Post, not a guilty conscious post.

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