Monday, May 9, 2011

Project #3

The main reason we shipped Brent's brother is our Master Bath needed some serious help.
  1. There was a gigantic hole in the linoleum
  2. It was ugly-- check out that forest green vanity.
  3. We found out after we moved in the shower leaked multitudes of water into the floor, thus growing black mold, something that everyone has told us is nearly impossible to grow in this area.  Apparently everyone who said that hadn't been showering with a leaky shower for months, or years.
But over a series of events, we now have a beautiful bathroom, and the bathroom of Brent's dreams.
First on the agenda, new tile floor.
Second, new vanity, I think its beautiful.
After we found out the shower/tub combo was leaking, we decided to spurge and give Brent the bathroom of his dreams  A large shower and dual shower-heads.
The blue was also his choice for the bathroom.  Pretty much this is all Brent's design, and he pretty much picked everything, although we were both on agreement before anything was purchased.
My favorite part is the shower doors, they are STRIPED! I did actually pick those out, but Brent said he liked them.  I wish I had a new light fixture to show you, but alas we can't agree on light fixtures.

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