Saturday, May 21, 2011

Babies Leaving

This weeks episode of Modern Family made me cry, I hate to be reminded that my babies are going to grow up and leave me.  If I never had to take them to the store I would be happy if they never aged a day.  I can handle the rest, including diaper changes and picky eaters.
Bizarrely enough my husband agreed with me the other day that he would be happy if Nan never got any older than 2 and half.   She is so perfect right now, I just want her to stay my toddler forever.  She was such a challenging baby, we are loving two so much.  When she throws a fit around someone we don't know so well sometimes they mentions the terrible twos, I should probably smile and nod and hold my tongue but I can't.  I blurt out, are you kidding she is so pleasant now, we love two, Two is so perfect. She is so sweet, always giving hugs and kisses, and saying "Hi Mom" I love it.
Bizarrely enough I don't mind too much J getting bigger.  Its fun to hit new stages with him, and he was always such an independent baby, I enough seeing him continue in his independence, but I still ask him if he'll always stay my little boy, he tells me he can't.  Phew! Children, refusing to be helpful!  But seriously I want my daughter to stay two forever, she is so teeny and sweet.  Then when I think I know that can't happen, I think can't I get a toddler for my third child? I really don't want another infant, I'm not a baby type of girl, I think toddlers are hysterical and so sweet and determined to figure out what it means to be a person.  I love it.  I think I'll be ready for another infant once I no longer have a toddlers.  Toddlers are so fun, I hate to get sick and pregnant and miss it.  Once she's in preschool, then maybe I'll be ready.  But I don't want anything taking away from my pleasant toddler, after the infancy she had.

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