Wednesday, May 18, 2011

My Main Floor

 Would you like to see the rest of my main floor?  You have no other options.  Here they are
This is obviously the living room, in a few months we are getting a different computer desk. The wall are also in desperate need of paint, since right now they look like swiss cheese.
This is obviously a film strip version of a panorama of my house. Front door.

Then it leads into the dinning room.

Which then leads to the kitchen.  Don't mind my daughter joyfully mopping the floor for 45 minutes.
In case you wanted to be able to see what the previous owners put in for tile. It is either love or hate.  People either say oh I love the slate colored tile.  Or when we say the previous owners put it in they say oh, well things can always been replace.  We like it as much as the next tile, so there it will stay. The flags on the window are temporary until I do something else, they are just napkins I had, I couldn't stand not having anything on the window.
And that wraps up my main floor, other than the bathroom/laundry room, there is nothing else, other than stairs leading to the basement or upstairs.

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