Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Like every other mother, I think my child must be a prodigy.  Can you guess who J created a few weeks ago?
While watching Wall-E with Uncle Darron a few weeks ago, J created these love birds.  We were all amazed at his artist abilities. That's one of the best parts of being a mom, constantly being in awe with your children's abilities, whether they are above average, average, or lower, its still amazing.  Just watching their changing progress now matter how they measure up to other children is amazing.  I rarely measure my kids against others, its too much work to worry about others, so I have no idea if this art work is prodigy material or not. But speaking of prodigy, when do you figure out what handed your child is?  J was firmly a righty by the time he was 2 and learning to write.  Nan on the other hand, holds a pen perfectly in each hand, and rotates what hand is drawing every few minutes.  Its really quite humorous. Is she ambidextrous?  Or just has not decided? She sucks her right thumb while J sucks his left.

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