Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Life for me is pretty up and down right now.  I could explain, but lets just say it is.
Sometimes I'm obsessed with my big fat garage.
And other times, I just want someone else to come in and be in charge.  Sometimes I'm sick of the one making all the decisions, doing all the meals, mediating the fights, etc
But the nice thing is, at least once a day, my children are the best of friends in the world.
Yes, they were best friends before we moved, but there is something about moving as a kid, that makes your sibling your greatest confidant, I guess its sharing the stress together.  Anyway, Brent and I agreed a few weeks ago, one of the best things about moving is your children becoming best friends again.
Although lets be honest, they are still siblings, and young ones at that, we have plenty of fights and tears.
But luckily we also have plenty of giggles.

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