Thursday, May 21, 2009

Vacation Part 3

We were planning on camping at Goblin Valley, but we were pretty much done with the heat, and still had a few hours to burn until camping time, so we moved on to Capitol Reef National Park, since neither my husband or I had been. We found a campsite set up, and then the wind picked up very very strong. Practically blew over our tent while I was in it with the children. Our tent is rather cheap and does not have a high wind chill factor, so we decided it would not be a good idea to keep our snotty nose children in it for the night. Literally all of us had picked up colds some where. So we drove back to town and found a motel. It was nice to put everyone to bed clean including myself.
We met this interesting man from NYC during our Continental breakfast. He talked to us for about an hour about all the places he had been. For the last few years he has come out west every summer, and for 2-3 weeks straight he and his wife drive through national parks, but doesn't hike or camp. He clearly has no small children, N babe was about spent with the car by the end. He was a character. He didn't really care to listen to anything we wanted to add to the conversation so we stopped trying to add anything, and just kept smiling and nodding. He said seeing the grand canyon was amazing, to see something that big and not hear any noise. My husband and I laughed at that later. That is the last thing we expect looking at something large in the desert. Plus he pulled out his wallet, it was about three inches thick. I had never seen a wallet like that in real life, it was just like the Seinfeld episode with George's wallet. But seriously this man's wallet was larger than George's.
Capitol Reef was very interesting its all desert like southern utah, except for this little piece called Fruita valley, which is completely green and orchards.
We also went hiking. J couldn't wait to go hiking. He always talks about being a hiking boy.

We decided to leave that afternoon, the park is pretty small. We could have gone hiking another day, but N babe was pretty much done with vacation. She was sick of her carseat, and her lack of nap schedule. Not to mention we all felt rather crappy with our runny noses and stuffy heads. Brent still took Wednesday off like planned, but instead of hiking we got things done around the house. The vacation was long over due, I hadn't been on vacation in over a year. Which is a long time for me, I like to get out quarterly. My husband and I had planned two vacations that we didn't get to go on because of a change in job, and pre term contractions. I was relieved when out of the blue Brent said lets go. Our kids had so much fun camping, I decided we should go for a few days each spring and fall, before its too cold or too hot.

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  1. I wonder who put Fruita Valley there and why it was called that.