Monday, May 11, 2009

My third mothers day

My son decided to be nice to me and allow his sister to touch him. I wanted a cute picture of them in their polos. Normally he starts crying if she is even in touching distance. He told me the other day he doesn't want her touching him, because she spits up.
Then I wanted a picture of my girl in her ruffle polo dress standing up.
My son followed in the grand tradition of his father, and regifted all sorts of gifts for me. First he gave me the jewelry box that my wedding ring came in. Then I got the pocket reference book. Apparently he shares the same taste has his grampy, since that is what grampy gave my husband for Christmas. Then I got a necklace I made a year or so ago.
Then finally he found my present.
He informed me that it says happy mother's day.

Probably the sweetest part was right after the primary children sang in church (my son is not yet that old) my son decided to show his affection by putting me in a headlock and rubbing my hair. I think he thought he was hugging me. He had also decided to sit on the front middle row so I felt like the whole ward was watching me receive my headlock.

historial note, the my first married birthday, I came home from an evening seminar class, and found about 15 more presents then when I left. My husband had gone around the house finding things we already owned and regave them to me, so I would have lots of presents to open. I got things like one pink shoe. It was very sweet of him.


  1. that picture frame is beautiful!

    and my daughter isn't old enough yet either but she marched up there with the other kids and I just let her... the director afterward apologized for not inviting the nursery kids earlier! I was glad no one seemed to care :)

  2. Aw... how sweet of Jobo! That's so funny your boy avoids his sister, maybe he thinks she has cooties. haha
    I'm sure he will get better with being close to her... in time.