Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Goblin Valley at its finest

While on vacation I took a set of pictures with the intention of making a panoramic image of Goblin Valley. Canon creates some pretty good software for this purpose if you happen to have it...However I was booted into Ubuntu and didn't want to try and get the commercial software that came with my camera to work through Wine, so I decided to see what the free software world could do for me. It took about 2 min to find Hugin and have it installed and importing images. Not knowing what I was doing it took me about 5-10 min of mindless clicking around in the software before it somehow output this image:

Makes you wonder why more people don't make the plunge to Linux. It also makes you wonder why you go to work all day instead of playing capture the flag down among the "apple" rocks as some goofy little kid directly related to me would call them.

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