Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Another Mother's Day Post

We took these on the first sunday of the month, right after church to try and get a good mother's day shot, for grandmas. I bribed my son with candy, unfortunately my baby doesn't understand bribes. My son wasn't the best sport ever either.
This is what we sent out. My son told me after the shot, I didn't smile mom, I laughed.
I wanted them them in their nice clothes, that should be ironed, that I don't.
I would have gotten some great shots if I would have taped his hands to his side.
He didn't deserve the candy. But he is scared to death of his sister touching him, so the fact that I got them this close deserves candy for me.
Our camera died and needed some juice in those 5 minutes of charging, N babe, decided it was nap time.
But I didn't give up

The real question should be, why don't I wash my son's face, at least before pictures.
I gave up...

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