Friday, May 8, 2009

Farm Obsessed

We use to go to storytime on Wednesday, until my son decided he hated it. So I started a playgroup in my ward instead. I asked him on Tuesday if he wanted to go, he said yes, and the river. Turns out he didn't want storytime just the river preferably with daddy. (Our local library is in the middle of a business park, which has a stream going down the middle. If you walk up farther east, there is a river.) So I mentioned to my husband sometime J would like to take to what he calls the river, just up by the stores. That night my husband got page just right after midnight. And practically worked all night. He spend less than two hours sleeping in our bed, and less than 5 total. I found him at 7 am on the couch downstairs where he fell asleep on a conference call. He decided he was done working around 2 pm, and I figured he would go pass out until 6pm in bed.
Instead he offered to take us to "the river". While at "the river" our son was my husband's tour guide talking the whole time. It was very sweet of my husband, then I figured he would go home and fall asleep. Instead he asked how far away was the farm. I said why you want to go? He said kind of.. So we went, the second time this week. Third total, like I said farm obsessed. It was so much easier with my husband. We had fun looking at all the animals, and we didn't pay to ride the tractor it was sort of a relief. We saw two gaggles of goslings, one just wandering around on the bank, and one swimming in the ranging waters. It was funny to see them tumble through the water when they would get brave and try to get farther in the middle. They were not successful, and stay swimming on the side with their mom. J man loved watching the goslings, and talked about them all afternoon. (We are big fans of Ollie and the other gosling books, because of my son's middle name, even though we don't own any.)
I really appreciated my husband, he was totally exhausted, but want to spend time with the kids. He then went home and passed out until 7. His job can be annoying, and I probably am more annoying, asking when he is going to spend time with us. I am often grateful for my husband working crazy hours to provide for the kids and me. That morning, I told my son how nice daddy was, and how much he loved us so he worked all night long when he had to. I said if it wasn't for us, Daddy would have quit a long time ago and moved to Mexico to go surfing. My husband agreed, he said that would be so awesome if I didn't have responsiblity, to save up a couple thousand dollars and go surfing until it ran out. Get a job and repeat the whole process. (I'm perfectly fine with him thinking that, because sometimes I longly wish I was using my politcal science degree. I'm fine with that, because although both of our dreams would be fun, both of us would rather be here in a 20s bunglow with our kids.) I honestly can not image life without my husband and my entourage following me around crying all day. Entourage is what lovingly call my children and all their stuff that is required to leave the house.

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