Friday, May 15, 2009

Political Movies

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Normally I don't blog about movies I've watched, so be forewarned both of these movies swore a lot, but that was about the only thing that made them PG-13.
We watched W the other day, and I really found it fascinating, then again I studied this stuff in school so I had some background to bring to the movie. As I was watching it I wondered how much was make believe for the plot, looked it up, apparently they have sources for the movie, My polsci research professor taught me don't believe anything you read until you look up the sources. I would totally recommend this movie to anyone who watched PG-13 movies. I thought it might be harsh on George W. Bush, or a parody, but I thought the movie was very professional, and try to accurately portray the real people. It reminded me of all the thoughts I had during the pre-Iraq days, when they were threatening, Saddam Hussien. I was on the verge of graduation from High School, so it was obviously a big deal, for all us high school seniors where we were going to war, and could it mean a draft? (Remember I said high school)
Next we watched Swing Vote, I loved this one. I thought it was so good, and it was very funny. I keep replaying the funny lines over in my head and laughing. (Tha'ts just the type of person I am.) Very cute, the political scientist in me loved it. (Maybe I shouldn't classify myself as a political scientist since I have no graduate work in the field. Don't expect me to stop any time soon.)

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