Thursday, May 7, 2009

the baby girl

This is what my carpet sees all day long. Its always happy when its not spit on, good thing its cheap from Home Depot, not a fancy Turkish one. If my carpet is like me, after it gets attacked, it thinks good thing you are the cute baby, with large translucent ears. At first I was surprised by her bald peach fuzz head and noticeable ears but now that's why we love her.
In other Nan news, she is movin and groovin. She rolls consecutively so she ends up about a foot away from where I placed her on the ground. After being fed her daily dinner of cereal she sleeps 13 hours through the night most of the time. And she will be 5 months on Tuesday. Where did the time go, she is very giggly fun, and find her much more enjoyable, but at the same time I sort of already miss the girl that sat in the swing scowling.

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