Sunday, May 24, 2009

I'll be honest

I'll be honest sometimes I despise my calling. I find it the most difficult age (8-11) in the church to work with. After working with the age for two years I still absolutely nothing about it. They are too young to do anything without their parents help, but not old enough for their parents to care. Not to mention for the past two years, I've always felt like my organization for the girls is like an island apart from the rest of the ward. I also do not like stake activities, no matter what age they are written for. Three hours?! for eight year olds?!
As I was complaining about all this in further detail to my husband, he said then ask to be released. I said you know I won't do that. With all this sad, I still don't quite understand how people can tell a bishop no. Or how someone doesn't feel guilty if they don't give their calling their all.