Saturday, May 2, 2009


Remember that "shift in the fabric of my universe" that Alisa was talking about? I feel like I just entered one. Although maybe I'm just using that as an excuse.
In January I was so ready to buy a house, move out west (12 minutes driving) and get some chickens. And if my husband was a good boy and took care of his farm animals we would think about another species after a few months. We made an offer on a house with a great backyard, animal rights, central a/c, sprinklers and coolest huge 50s patio you ever did see. About two months ago I was cooking dinner, chopping vegetables on my portable dishwasher, and I had a really good feeling. I knew it was the spirit, but what I didn't know was would we get the house or would we not. I didn't know, but what I did know is whatever happened it would be good. Sometimes it looked good in our favor, other times not, we've made a few others offers. Nothing right now is looking favorable for us. So I keep going back to that afternoon when I was cooking dinner, inspiration telling me whatever happens with the first house will end up for our good, whether we get it or not, it will be a good thing.
Now back to the shift in the fabric of the universe, nothing absolute changed for me, like Alisa, but yet, when the Realtor emails I don't feel like reading. (I sort of feel bad, she has worked hard for us, and I've been very pleased with her.) But yet, I don't care, I don't want to look at more houses for awhile. Have I entered a shift, or am I just tired of looking, I often wonder, should I look at more houses, should we stay put, should we look for a cheaper rental (we can't really afford this rental and school). Right now I'm content to stay put, which is good, our lease isn't up yet. It must be time to move we are finally are getting settled, getting friends which will be sad to leave. But yet, I know nothing of the future, other than my husband will be starting his MBA this fall just down the street. But whether we will still be down the street from the university, is a different matter. At some point my husband and I really do need to settle down, I just don't know when. I guess by the time my oldest turns 5, hopefully sooner, he needs some stability.
post script, if my universe has shifted, you will hear, if I'm just being tired, this is the end.


  1. I am still of the mindset that Elder Scott told our stake one time "be prepared to turn left" and it is so true! I think it is the same thing w/your universe changing... I know ours has in our short 5+ years of marriage

  2. We tried to settle down many times, but we just keep moving, This is the longest we've ever been in one place, but it doesn't feel very long. I keep thinking about moving, but hoping we won't have to because it would probably mean unemployment has hit us again.

    I'm sure you didn't mean it to be, but your post script sounds rather "final." I hope it does not fortell your demise, but if it does I'll make sure to get these words into your obituary "...she was the kind of person who would give you the sock right off her camera..."

  3. I hope they line your coffin with lots of pretty fabric.

    Don't give up hope on the house! We almost did a few times but in the end it all turned out the way God wanted it too and we got the house, great neighbors and peace of mind. Keep praying!

    your 5 year old probably feels more stable then you realize.

  4. I knew it sounded pretty final, but I didn't care, I was done writing my gibberish.
    And I really won't be surprised if we don't get a house, we were looking to lower our monthly payments, and the market hasn't bottomed out enough yet. So it could be very likely that we won't buy until we have an MBA.