Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Last night or early this morning, sometime in my sleep I had a realization. One of the main reasons I want to buy a house is so I can install hooks at my child's height, by the front door and in his room so he is responsible for hanging up his own coat. I know he won't actually do it, but that way when I freak out that the house is messy, I can say, pick up all your sweatshirts and hang them up. Installing hooks might not be the best reason to buy a house. Hmm, we'll think about it.
I feel like I'm standing at a cross roads, and I can pick any direction at all to go.
Me a few years ago, would have freak out, I don't know where life is going. But now I think alright, I just wait and see. For me that's one of the positive things about being married, not knowing where I'll be in 6 months doesn't matter.
At this point, I could be here, there, or owning, who knows. Where ever I am even if its a rental, maybe I'll think about installing hooks, who knows?!

By the way, to update anyone who cares, we are not the highest offer on any of the houses we have bid on, and I am not willing to pay any more money on any of the houses. They aren't nice enough. Despite what the newspapers say, I don't think the housing market will turn around by the end of the year. I have all the time in the world to wait.
Some people say, you just got to jump into the housing market and work your way up. I can't really agree with that, because all of the military people who don't buy for the first 20 years of their career. Others say, every first time buyer thinks they will be in their house for 15 years, no one stays more than 5. Some say, you need a house for the tax benefit. Other says, you have no idea all the hidden costs of homeownership. Who knows at the point, I'm loving my indecision!


  1. eh...I'm at a crossroads too, but I can't really afford to be indecisive. I need to figure out what sort of job I want and fast!

    Thanks for pointing out my mistake. I sort of feel like an idiot, but oh well. Astrology, astronomy.... whatevs - but, of course, I fixed it!

  2. I put 3M removable hooks on the back of V's door, and they work great.