Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Two weeks ago my husband went in for a job interview he didn't really care about. Now two weeks later, when he says, "should I go check my email to see if I heard from the company? They are suppose to call but maybe they'll just email if I don't get it." I'm dying in fear. A job he originally ignored is what we really want. I am scared to death he might get an email. I won't even blog about this except my husband doesn't really get disappointed so he tells everyone and anyone about possibilities. I never like to tell anyone about anything. But since he has already told anyone who has called him in the past two weeks. I'm blogging to proclaim my fear. Oh am I nervous. Supposedly we will hear on Friday.
And if Monday comes and he didn't get the job, life will go on. And in two more weeks, we will barely even remember this phase.
Here's hoping... and praying.
Take home message from all of this is, my husband is excellent at networking in his profession. Which is where linkedin comes in. Which is the reason we live in the state we do, why would he leave the network he has build around him.

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  1. my husband tells everyone everything too! I also prefer to wait til things are more for sure first but maybe it is a guy thing?