Friday, October 21, 2011

Wall-E Part-E

Its never too early to plan your birthday party right?
Four months in advance and we are discussing how awesome, our Wall-E Part-E is going to be.
Its never too early to plan your 6th birthday party, you only turn 6 once, don't ya know?!
Of course now that he is 5, he wants a Pinata.  Which is hard to find a Wall-E Pinata.
As the mom I'm thinking about cake alternatives, because they could be so fun, and he doesn't like cake much, it would be nice to have dessert left overs he likes.  In come, Oreo Pops
maybe with this in the center of the oreo pops
Because I do love a good presentation.  I'll try to be simple, chocolate with yellow sprinkles it is wall-e's colors.
Quote from the boy, "Chocolate is my favorite sugar."  At least we are making progress and he didn't say chocolate is my favorite cavity.  Although I guess he is being realistic.
Then he wanted to know what games we could play. So of course we googled it, (sorry, Swag bucks, you are lame).
So here our game ideas so far
"Give the party goers some boxes, and aluminum foil, and let them build a bot.
That site led us to wall-e coloring pages.  My kid has never liked coloring, until his kindergarten teacher told him he had to.
We liked the Wall-E trash toss and spaghetti marshmallow building, on this site:
This girl made wall-e bingo
Which some how in the middle of her paragraphs J said, wall-e bingo I want wall-e bingo.
Why plan more that, that would wear me out, maybe watch the burn-e short in the extras of wall-e dvd.
I love watching a movie for the last 15 minutes of the party.

Nevermind the birthday two months before him.  I already bought butterfly wings at the dollar store for all the little girls we'll invite to that one.  I just couldn't pass up the ability to have a butterfly party for my butterfly princess.  She wanted hello kitty, but she seems to have forgotten, I'm sure ask the following year or so.

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