Thursday, October 13, 2011

Soundtrack of the Summer

At least here, One Republic's Good Life song was on the radio a lot this summer.  It became the lead song on soundtrack of my life this summer.  I seemed like a good song about moving to a different state.
Plus it could have been a really hard summer with my husband not here for half of it, with me not knowing anyone! But instead when things are right they are right, and moving here and buying this house was right so everything worked well while he was gone.  I was filled with optimism the whole time he was gone, "this really could be a good life"  The melody easily mirrored my feelings of the mountains to the west, the trees and the plains to the east.  I love it here, I love that I have wide open spaces one direction and super tall mountains right out my door.

Not to mention he sings, "Paris to China to Colorado".  Yes, it was meant to be.
In August we went back to Utah, and I wondered why we moved, my husband could work either place, his family is there, my grandparents, plenty of free kids' activities everywhere. (Everything is expensive here.)  Why did pay our own way to move again?  Both places have mountains, and I actually know where trails are there.  Then we came back, and I had to run to the store to get food for us to eat.  I drove out of my development, and I saw the amazing vista I get to see all day long.  I remembered why I moved, because I absolutely love it here.  I spent 7 years in Utah, and pretended to try to belong all 7 years, always feeling like a fish out of water.  I feel like I've always belong here, and this has gotta be the good life, its a feeling I can't fight.

One a side note, I'm not sure vests are ever a good idea.  Notice how the come in fashion just as quick as they leave fashion.  I think its because its always a bad idea.


  1. I'm so happy for you guys. Loving where you live is important. I understand what you mean.

  2. I totally know what you mean about UT and feeling like you just don't quite belong but I did enjoy living there and I admit find myself missing it time to time. Loving where you live is so important!!!