Saturday, October 15, 2011

Support Group

I need a "I don't coupon" support group.  Ever few months I let someone convince me I should be couponing, then I end up spending more money at the grocery store.  Anyone want to join my support group?


  1. Couponing can be dangerous. I'll join you. :)

  2. i don't coupon either I will join you... when I moved here i felt so pressured to do it and found that it was making me that much more stressed it wasnt' worth saving any money and your right in the long run it didn't save me any money just made me buy things I wouldn't normally buy therefore having to go back and buy more groceries so now I say NO TO COUPONING!!! and happy about that decision.

  3. I've been sucked in a few times, but I think I've finally come to the point that I know coupons are not worth it for our family.