Monday, October 10, 2011

Conference Squares

You know what is super lame? Having family home evening without a husband.
 You know what we are so use to in this house it doesn't even make us sad anymore?
Having family home evening without a dad.  After many semesters of Monday night classes we are use to only three at family home evening.  So even though its no longer the norm, we hardly forget its not when he isn't here.  The point of this rambling is sometimes you need something low key.
Tonight was that night, but I still want a emphasize the recent conference, so I went to hoping for conference highlights for primary kids.  No such luck I guess I have to wait for the November Friend.  Instead I printed off Conference Squares, something we skipped during conference, and played Bingo, one of my children's favorite game.  Before my son could put on his m&m on the square he had to explain why each square was on the board, and what it had to do with church.  Sure I filled in some blanks that he left out.  Anyway, turned out to be a really great low key, fun, learning family home evening.  The perfect kind, although we still wish dad would have been in the fourth chair.  Nan she didn't get a bingo, because she ate the m&ms too fast, but everytime I said Family Home evening, she said then ice cream! I guess she is learning.

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