Saturday, October 8, 2011


We had the first snow of the season!  When Nan woke up I told her to look out the window.  She exclaimed "Mom it snowing!" She wasn't talking last winter so I had never heard her say that before.  It was very exciting. She got dress and ran out with daddy.
 They made a snowman together, then J woke up and I got him dress fast.  He got the picture by the snowman even though he didn't help make it.
He had a snow ball fight with his daddy, then after his dad went inside, he shoved our grass and fence.  At one point I looked outside, and fell over, then rolled over to make a snow angel.  I think snow might be more exciting when its your own yard.  Although pretty soon it won't be exciting, to have to shovel our own sidewalk, etc.
Have no fear its suppose to be warm in 60 degrees by monday.

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