Monday, October 24, 2011

Butterfly, scratch that, Robot Butterfly?

Here is my butterfly.  She decided she wanted to be a butterfly for Halloween, when her brother and I first started talking about it.  I couldn't think of a better costume for her this year.  She has stuck with it.  Once when she first saw my Trick or Treat pillow, she wanted to be a princess, but I told her she was a butterfly princess and she was cool with that.  Last week was her Halloween Party at joyschool.  It was changed days and I missed it! because of the Kindergarten field trip.  I was so sad I cried, then I made my husband go, with the four other moms. (HA!)  Two days ago she declared she wanted to be a pink robot butterfly.  What does that mean?  How could I not appease this cute girl? So assuming I don't started vomiting, which is very likely considering how many times she vomited on me today, I'm try to figure out how to transform a butterfly to a robot butterfly.
Any ideas?
Great thing about this costume, FREE! Grammy bought the butterfly dress up, last year for her, not for halloween.  Then I spent a buck or so on the headband, but the antennaes I made with pipe cleaners we already had, and material that we already had. Oh, wait! not so free, I spent $10 on the sweatshirt.  :( sad day.
But back to pink butterfly robot.  IDEAS, now! Go!

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