Thursday, October 27, 2011

Body Temp

I was recently reminded that my daughter always felt hot as an infant even though her temperature was normal.  We were constantly stripping her down, because she would be overly warm, red and fussy.  Once she was down to a onesie she would calm down.
What reminded me of this you may ask?
The fact that she does not like fleece jammies, she wants just lightweight pjs (long sleeves and pants are required).  She is happier when her heating vent is closed.  She does not like sleeping with a blanket, she only wants her sheet on.  She would rather carry her coat then wear it.  She runs hot, and has no desire to be dressed warmly just because it is the conventional norm. She constantly complaining its too hot mommy, in the car or with a coat on.  Yet, she can't stand using the bathroom since the season changed.  "No, cold potty mommy."

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