Wednesday, October 19, 2011


For years whenever my sister gives me a card with out a stamp or address on the front she writes "Les is More"  instead of my name. By the way she usually just calls me Les or L. Les is More, has been floating around in my head lately, ALL THE TIME actually.  Its the new motto for my house, I'm like in serious de-junking mode.  We have only owned this house for 6 months we should NOT have so much stuff!  At the same time, throwing things away is hardly easy for me. Where is Teresa when I need her.  Plus I use amazing amount of things. So I'm not at the point, I'm getting rid of things I use because we have so much stuff. I haven't actually yet, I just want to.  I want my husband's help, its so easy to throw things away with his encouragement.
I'm feeling guilty though, my son has caught me a few times lately throwing his papers away.  BUT GOODNESS SAKES he has a lot of papers! I wish I was one of those people who always had clean fridge doors and clean junk drawers, and key drops.  But what do you other moms do with all the fliers from school?!  We have so many events all the time, and if I don't keep the papers on the fridge I forget.  Unfortunately our clean steel fridge is magnetic, I'm lost with a magnetic fridge, if I only had a fridge that didn't hold magnets.
My husband can't wait for the day we don't have sippy cups anymore, especially the lids.  (We are no where near we plan on having more kids.)  While I just can't wait for the day people clean up jam the spill on the counter.  I'm pretty sure my husband's dream day is coming sooner.

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