Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Snow Day

School was delayed this morning, which means AM kindergarten was canceled. When my wee one woke up I showed her the snow, she said, "Oh Hoshy want to make a snowman."  She was right, unfortunately the snow was about as dry as anything.  
But look I went outside and played with them! Which was good because Pinky up there, lost her boot, and somehow slipped outside without socks.  Photo-documentation I was outside in the snow.  Unfortunately if I'm outside, there is no one to take our picture. 
Look isn't my child gorgeous?  Maybe that isn't a very masculine adjective, but that's just because most men aren't gorgeous, my son on the other hand....  Seriously made bank when he was born, because he is also a super genius.  
 P.S. He was amazed to find his dad's all out hat in the hat box this morning, he thought it was awesome.  The hat not so awesome, but my son looked awesome in it.

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  1. I really really really like that picture of you and J, you're so pretty and yes he's gorgeous :)