Saturday, November 20, 2010


My baby is about to turn two, which I guess that means she's not a baby anymore.  Two is the magical age when they are want to make their own choices, when finally life comes together, and postpartum is finally over.  But she is still my baby because I don't have a different baby, and I won't for a long time, and she doesn't talk, and still cries a lot.
But we love almost two year old Nan. She is so fun and so toddler like.  Everyone has heard of the terrible twos, but I don't think 2 is terrible at all.  Nan is more pleasant than she has ever been in her life time. Like I said, we love two year old Nan.

She loves to sing (do the actions, and let out babbles, while I sing).
And she loves to play jokes.
Oh and we can't forget-- she loves take care of baby dolls.

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