Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Gratitude Dinner

We had a gratitude dinner for a Relief Society Activity tonight. (Relief Society is the organization for all women in my church all over the world.) I was asked to set up a table. I was extremely overwhelmed by this task. For one I can't tie a bow how could I set up a center piece with a basket without a bow?! I researched online, make one that looked presentable, even ironed my ribbon, then forgot to tie it on the basket. Anyway, this is the end product apparently I didn't need to be overwhelmed.
I love that pilgrim girl.
I wasn't actually overwhelmed about the way the table looked. I was overwhelmed, because Brent had class tonight, its a new class, so I wasn't anticipating it to be a class night. I was worried how I was going to set up the table get someone to watch my kids, etc
Turned out find, at the last minute we figured out I could set up sunday evening, we tore through my dish boxes, pulling out extra plates and bowls, that we never unpacked this last time. He helped me, and that was a weight off my shoulders. But still what about my kids, my neighbor said he would, and ended up having to come home while he was out, to put my kids and their car seats in their van and drove them out to the west side of the valley, and brought them back when I was done. Whew, it all worked out fine, but all that juggling was an extra stress for me when I walked in the church.
Everyone that sat at my table was at least old enough to be my mother if not my grandma which is fine, I don't discriminate on age. They were all very nice, asked me where I was from, told me how beautiful my table was, how fun and lovely my plates were. It was a very nice evening for me after I finally relaxed. The lady who asked me to set up a table also sat at my table. She told all the other women how fabulous I was. I guess I was looking modest, because she ended with now she will tell you she doesn't do anything special, but she's wrong, she is amazing. I don't think I do anything other than what is expected of me, "gotta git 'er done" but none the less I appreciated her kind description. It was a nice evening. And even with not sitting with anyone of my generation, I've got enough play dates set up to last us a month.
So remember be grateful. Its a godly virtue, it increases our faith, be grateful during trials, it shows us the hand of the Lord in our life.
Oh speaking of, one of the elderly ladies at my table said, remind me your name. I said Lesli, she said oh that's right, and then she said my last name. I was surprised she knew me. I'm teach primary (child in church), how does she know me? Then later during dinner, I said something about my husband at class, she said oh yes, I remember that from your testimony a few months ago. I smiled and though, oh no, please never remember my testimonies. Please no one. I don't say them for any reason then my chest seems like it will explode with my heart beats. I don't really know what I say when I'm up there, other than I know I specifically try to testify of Christ. I'm sure I mention all types of trials that I don't really want the ward knowing. The only consolation is even though I write really long blog posts, I try say short testimonies, so they can't hear too much of my problems.

And to end things off on a different note, here is Nannie.


  1. Loved your table--Jenny would even be impressed!

  2. I always like being around the older people rather than the young mothers like myself. If I was guaranteed the get to hang out with the older crowd I think I might go to the RS activities more often.

  3. Love your table!

    And I love the pink tights too!