Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Pretty much everyone has told me my daughter looks like my side of the family. And I agree, she looks so much look my family it sometimes weirds me out.  But yet, this summer I scanned in a bunch of my husband's baby pictures and holy smokes who knew my daughter looked so much like my husband.  I knew when they cuddle together and have their serious calm faces they look oddly similar. Nan also looks like her cousin-- my  husband's sister's son.  Nan is the yellow, and her cousin is in green, they aren't by any means identical, but definitely have some similarities.  
Here are some more comparisons. My daughter's smile, and my husband's smile as a baby.
Nan totally has same smile.  Although she has my teeth.

She also has her dad's forehead, and ears.

Its the same as my son.  People tell me how much like his dad he looks, and how he looks nothing like me.  He has my husband's dominate genes, like his eyes and darker coloring.  Just the same as my daughter and me.  But yet J has my forehead, and my ears, and his toddler pictures look surprisingly like mine. Wow, its amazing, they must be half my genes and half my husband's.  Who would have thought?

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