Sunday, November 14, 2010


I just finished Isaiah in the Old Testament.  Yes, I will finish the Old Testament by the end of December, I just have to read 5 pages a night, which really isn't that much. What is really getting to me is the two pages of Book of Mormon my husband and I read after my 5 pages, I love the Book of Mormon but I'm tired at 11 o'clock after 5 pages.
If I finish by December, that means I read the whole Old Testament cover to cover in 10 months, (it took a little while to get on the Sunday School bandwagon, since I teach primary.)
But I'm jabbering.
I finished Isaiah; when my husband read Isaiah a month before me he said he now understands what Nephi was talking about when he said Isaiah was plain and easy to understand.  Probably every LDS person at some point in their life has not wanted to read the Isaiah chapters in 2 Nephi, and wondered what in the world Nephi was talking about because Isaiah does not seem easy to understand.  But then once I got to Isaiah I too understood.  In comparison to all that mumbo jumbo, linage lines for 50 pages, and Leviticus, and Numbers, which aren't even the worst of it all.  It is refreshing to get to Isaiah.  It is almost pain and easy to read in comparison to a lot of the Old Testament. In fact it was almost plain and easy to understand since I've read at least half of the Book of Isaiah every year since I was probably 12 in the Book of Mormon.  Yeah, I hardly understand Isaiah, but at least it was familiar. Like every time it said, "For all this his anger is not turned away, but his hand is stretched out still." I know that phrase.
One last thought, when I was a kid in Freshman Seminary, I wondered why there were four scripture masteries in Isaiah, I like things even and orderly and it messed with my order.  Now as adult that has almost read the entire Old Testament, I understand why, Isaiah is like a gem in the mess of mud of the Old Testament.  (Just for the record, I tried to read the entire Old Testament as a Freshman, I started the summer before, be eventually the class surpassed me, and it wasn't required to read the whole book, there were chapters you could skip and skipped them because I didn't have the time or reading skills not to.  That is the other reason this is so new, I was a terrible reader at 15, absolutely terrible.)

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  1. I am right smack dab in the middle of the Isaiah chapter of Nephi, and I'm trying my hardest to not get annoyed with Nephi for including them - they're not so plain to me yet! Thanks for ther perspective, le!