Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Inspiring Individual

I think my happy marriage is great, because I can be inspired my husband.
Sunday it was snowing, my husband went next door to start shoveling the church lot with a small handful of other men.  He finished 5 minutes before church started, came home and showered after 45 minutes of service. He consequently showed up late to Elder's Quorum, we have church backwards.  A great day to show up late, since he is the Elder's Quorum secretary and they reorganized the Elder Quorum.  The Presidency all moved out of the ward this month except for the two secretaries. Once he showed up the Stake President said oh good the whole presidency is here now.  I asked Brent if he explained why he was late.  He said no, and with an aire of it doesn't matter, I'm square with my accountability I don't need excuses.  I wish I could be so humble.
I on the other hand, am having problems with pride.
I want to tell everyone I meet, I only live in apartment so we could save money and have my husband go to school without student loans.  Yes, that is not humble. I'm sick of the second year of student life, I mean the sixth year of student life.  Even-though I could hardly say this was like the undergrad, we live like kings in comparison.   I go through cycles, sometimes I totally accept our choices in life, other times I want to defend myself to people I don't even know, I don't know why I even care.

Thank you internet for functioning as my therapist, you are free!

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  1. your need to defend your apt living is similar to my need to go off about how my husband is going to school etc so they don't think we are having too many kids as a drain on society, I get so mad at myself and my need to JUSTIFY myself and my choices/my life