Thursday, November 11, 2010

Great Grandma

Last time we were at great grandma's, she wanted to make sure the jets in her tub still work, so my boy got the time of life. My daughter only stayed for a few minutes before the bubbles reached her face and she was ready to get out.  During worry I held onto her the whole time, I didn't want to lose her in those bubbles.

Funny thing is, I remember my grandma giving me baths when she lived in New Jersey, and my parents would drop me off while they attended the Washington DC Temple.  Although I never had that many bubbles, in that big of a tub.
I thought he looked like something out of a movie, that big huge white tub.
After they were all squeaky clean from those bubbles, they did what they always do at great grandma's: eat life cereal.

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