Monday, November 8, 2010

Not Cheese

I've always considered myself some what of an anti-romantic.  Sure I've watched my fair share of romantic comedies, I even own a few, but beyond that I don't seem to like romance.  Most of the time a romantic song comes on the radio I want to gag, and switch it.  Not all the time, I like song by people like Taylor Swift, its true.  But I'm not a fan of public expression of verbal affection.  I find proposals at Disneyland or anything else grand, disgusting.  I don't want to be present at someone singing a love song to someone in specific.  (Although that might be because my husband and I are not fans of live music.) I would be horrified if my husband told me he loved in front of anyone other than maybe our children.
But then the other Saturday morning, I was walking out of the temple with two of my sister in laws.  A bride was walking it, I was super excited for her. I loved my wedding, it was pretty much the funnest day of my life, it was the best, I was so trilled to be getting married to Brent.  Now this is were my anti-romance sentiment gets me, wait, how can I be giddy for a girl I don't even know?  I take my kids to temple square all the time, we see a lot of brides, and I am always excited for the happy looking ones.
When I shared my contradiction with my sister in laws, Pam said, that isn't romance that is cheese.

Oh, she finally cleared something up for me!  I don't like cheesy things, but as my husband told me he already knew, it turns out I am a romantic, which is why I smile at all those happy brides.
I think cheesy pretend romance is disgusting, but if you like it more power to you, but you won't find me clicking the thumbs up button.

I guess I'm into the quiet devotion, and commitment more than flowery loud words, whether it be pretend in a movie, or in front of 65 worthy close adult family members smashed into 50 seats.

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