Monday, November 22, 2010

Last Birthday Present

After my last two posts, I decided I wanted to buy my daughter one last birthday present, a book of babies showing feelings.  A quick amazon search showed they did not have exactly what I was looking for.  Then I realized I have more than enough picture of Nan showing all of the emotions.  I was just going to print them up in a quick flip book,  long story short, instead I went to Turns out they have some really great prices, for all you locals they are the national brand website for Inkley's.  So I just finished making Nan her own photo book with her own pictures of her being happy, sad, laughing, crying, etc, I got a 6x6, 20 page hardcover book for $8.50 including tax, that is ready in the store, a Monday only special. (You can do it any monday, shipping or pick up.)
I'm super excited, thats how much it would cost to buy a book with generic babies in it.  
To mention, you can make a photo book with all the scrapbook embellishments for that price, if you like that thing.
In my opinion its better printing then most photo sits. I got a metallic 8x10 print for under $10 including shipping a few weeks ago. (I know a photo of a photo in a frame doesn't turn out well. I let my son pick out the frame.)

No I'm not getting paid for this post, I'm just so excited for a inexpensive photo book, I hate spending $20+ on a photobook.  Plus its good quality printing.

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