Thursday, June 3, 2010

Who knows

For anyone out there who spends too much time wasted on the internet, and too much time blog-stalking, you'll know one of the big things right now is to have a professional photographer come in and take pictures when you are about to have a baby/right after the baby is born. After looking a photographer in some unknown city to me, online portfolio of "birth stories" in pictures. I realized I'm grateful I did not have one for my daughter's birth. I'm pretty sure I wouldn't want those pictures, 10 minutes is actually a short amount of time, but when your baby is surrounded by nurses, completely blue, and not screaming 10 minutes is nothing short of an eternity. I have no idea if a photographer would actually take pictures of a billgion nurses trying to get a baby to breath, or if a photographer would stay away and take a picture of a worried mother, father, and concerned doctor, or take a break during the whole scene. But even if they took a break I wouldn't want a professional photographer in my situation, I like the fact that we have absolutely no pictures of the hospital room, the attendents, or equipment. Ok, we do have pictures of the room and equipment but only when my husband or I are in the foreground. I like having nothing but my brain to remind me. I don't want pictures that are suppose to look artsy be visual reminders of the horror of waiting for your baby to cry, its emblazon in my memory, I'm glad I only have my memory to tell me what the room looked like not expensive proofs. As it is I always tear up when I see a baby cleaning station, or hear about teaching women in third world countries about infant resuscitation.
It wasn't even an option with my first born, we were too poor, but once again I'm glad I didn't have a professional photographer. Birth was worse than I expect, way longer than I expected and just not a good time. I don't think I want pictures showing my look of doubt. Seriously I went through all of that, for this with the disgusting cord? After birth the first go around there was no love at first sight. But that's ok, neither was meeting Brent. Don't worry, their brown eyes quickly worm their way into my heart.

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  1. I've not given birth, but I totally agree with you. I can assure every single mother out there, that I do NOT want to see your "just after birth" pictures. They are not artsy, but uncomfortable and weird. And no one EVER looks good in them. Not the mom, not the baby, and certainly not the afterbirth.