Saturday, June 12, 2010

Eighteen Months

My daughter hit that exciting Mormon milestone. NURSERY!
(Lucky nursery leaders, they get three new 18 month olds this month.)
Her daddy is way more excited than me, I teach primary so I haven't had to deal with her these last six months, but he is excited. He took her in and stayed with her two weeks ago so she could get use to Nursery before she was official. Then last Sunday I needed a sub in my class, so he "stuffed her in there" a week early. I assume she did fine we didn't hear anything otherwise. These are her pictures that they took so they can have her name and face on the bulletin board. (Long story, two weeks ago, my husband ended up taking the pictures for Nursery, that is why I have copies.)
Last Sunday was her first adventure without her family ever in life. Two hours of friends and toys without a family member involved. She seemed to love it, she loves to play with other kids and gets super excited to see kids her age at church, and have kids come to our house. So I assumed she would love nursery. She doesn't talk so I don't know how she felt about it, but normally after primary is over, she is fussy, ornery, and ill tempered. She cries a lot, she screams if her dad tries to hold her again, and fusses on my lap. (We have church backward, Sacrament meeting is last.) On Sunday, she excited came to me, laughing and smiling. Gave me huge kisses all through the sacrament, she talked loudly and sang herself loud songs. Needless to say just like every Sunday she had to be taken out in the hall, but her emotion behind her behavior seemed to be fueled by something else entirely. (Being in the hall is consist of being held, not running down the hall like a crazy girl.)
Oh and, her dress was wet. The first thing Mormon kids learn in church class... how to drink without a lid on their cup. Its a vital skill, it paves the way to more important lessons, like Jesus loves me, and I have a body like Heavenly Father's. Maybe they'll even be able to teach her to fold her arms, something we have not been able to do after 7 months of trying, although she does bow her head.

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