Monday, June 14, 2010

The rest of the weekend

Remember those pictures of sardine canyon. Here is the rest of that weekend. My baby loves loves animals. She loves pets, but she also loves animals.My kids and their cupcakes.

My niece and my daughter, they are a few months apart in age. Yes, my poor daughter had to eat her Popsicle without a shirt, I didn't want a sticky Popsicle shirt in my luggage.
The whole reason we went up was because my niece was baptized, my son gave a shout out to her in a talk he gave in primary on principles and ordinances of the gospel, so I made them take about 10 pictures together, because my son wasn't cooperating.
Here is my husband, my daughter, and my nephew. I'm pretty sure my knew my nephew at my daughter's age. So overall I'm not too thrilled he is 7 and half. Yes, its trilling for him, but not for me, I'm pretty sure I don't want my baby to grow up, I just want her to stop crying. I'm also fairly sure he has the same ears as my daughter.
Ahh, some of the women folk after lunch, after the baptism. They look like a lively bunch huh? Just kidding, I love my husband's family.

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  1. I have got to do something with that plain wall in the living room.

    Thanks for coming and making the best pink cupcakes! We had fun with all the cousins running around.