Monday, June 28, 2010


My brother gets married tomorrow. Last night in large family gathering I remembered highlights of other sibling's weddings. I won't share those stories, I'll only share two of my own, from five and half years ago.
I got married down the street from my grandma's house, but miles and states away from my own, so I was sleeping at my grandma's house before the wedding. I had spent many summers sharing the hideabed in the back bedroom with my younger cousin Kiersten, for whatever reason she decided to let me have the room to myself, I told her I did not mind sharing a bed with her but she insisted sleeping on the couch. I got a text message from my intended, and snuggled into bed since it was the middle of winter, then thought two things, oh Kiersten could have shared the room with me, I'M GETTING MARRIED IN THE MORNING!, back and forth my thoughts went, for a few short moments until I fell quickly asleep, and was a woke the next morning with a knock, "Lesli, I think you should get up now"
Now for the second, my sister in law, Teresa is a hair stylist and did my hair. She did quite the extensive do, and so we sat in the large downstairs bathroom for a long time as she did my hair, and we just had a lot of fun. I was giddy in excitement that I was about to marry Brent, and kept singing a song with some modified lyrics. I don't quite remember the exact wording, but it went something like this,
I love to see the Temple,
I'm going inside today,
I'm marrying Brent Hunt...
I came up with about seven verses, luckily no one recorded my morning giddiness, so I have no idea what all the verses said. But I remember my older brother Mathew walking in at one point, and laughing at me, and Teresa then laughing because I was being so silly and giddy.
Oh, I'll share one more memory for the sake of history.
Marriage was not an easy decision for us, we really wanted to be together, but marriage was sort of scary, like really scary. It doesn't have the best statistics, plus we were contemplating eternity. Not to mention we were REALLY young. We spent a lot of time deciding if we really should get married. We really really loved each other and wanted to be together so we decided there was no other way than going to the temple. As the date approached I never got nervous, I had spent months and months being nervous/contemplating, once I made my decision I made my decision. (Which I have never regretted) As the date approached I get got more and more excited and giddy. I couldn't wait, I was totally smitten with my best friend. So when I was waiting for my turn at the cermony, I remember sitting there with my future hubby, we were smiling, quietly laughing, having so much fun waiting together, counting down the seconds until we would be married. We couldn't wait we were so excited. It was fun, I think I will always remember sitting there in white with my hubby, with our little yellow name takes, holding hands and giggling. Although I have no earthly idea what we were actually saying.

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