Friday, June 11, 2010

Daddy is Home

My husband had a business trip this week. It was only one night, but with school in some ways I felt like we are alone all week. Turns out I can't sleep when my husband is not home, I knew this already because I can never sleep when he is gone, but I forgot, and at 2 am I remembered.
I think my daughter missed her dad, by the end of the day there was quite the collection of toys in my room. Every time I would clean them out, when I reentered they would be back?! She likes to put baby dolls in the stroller and leave them in our bedroom/Brent's office while he is working at home. Today she add lots more than baby dolls.
I'm not quite sure if my son missed his dad, or if he just woke up on the wrong side of the bed, he was in a choice mood today. It took a lot to be that patient with him.
Overall it was a short business trip so slightly uneventful. Not to mention we are getting almost use to business trips. A trip to McDonald's while he is gone, a new toy, and well that's our routine. Once my son figures it out he will want my husband to go on a business trip.

One a side note, my son is picking up on his father's genetics. He likes to hide when people are about to walk in so he can surprise them. While my daughter is starting to understand how to play. She has always been able to pretend, but now she understand you are suppose to do certain things with toys. Today she was having a little plastic chicken walk across the floor and make noise. Later on she was working on cause and effect of one of our few noisy toys. It was fun to watch the wheels in her head grind as she pressed the animals. Her other new past time is carrying the bucket of wooden blocks around, and getting out the duplos. She has been walking for 9 month now, but she is officially a toddler based on development. Oh and she likes wooden puzzles, I only have the ones with 10 pieces or less out.

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