Thursday, June 10, 2010

Moving on

Am I the only one that thinks they have grown up or moved on or something, then someone says something or something happens, and all of sudden maybe you didn't move on, you haven't grown up and you a mini break down. Apparently insecurities run deep huh?

I guess life is about moving two steps forward and one back right?
Earlier in the week my husband was given a big task at work. Something he wasn't prepared for, but yet I'm sure he'll step up to the challenge he always seems too. It made me realized that we won't be stuck in our station in life forever. We will move on and do slightly more exciting things. So then I didn't feel overwhelmed with our future. I was excited, about what the future held, but then last night the insecurities ran deep.

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  1. You know, about five years ago I heard a YW leader tell the YW that as they got older, they wouldn't feel so insecure about having friends and such things. I don't agree. I'm not sure we get over things just because we get older. I think it takes some conscious effort to change old habits and ways of thinking. And I think a lot of maturing happens deliberately, as I decide that I'm too old to do/say/act like that.