Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Pathetic Mom

I feel like a pathetic mom, but only kind of, not enough to change my status. My children want a pet so bad, my husband does not like pets he likes animals. Pets are things that make your house hairy, animals serve a purpose. Although the two types can overlap as long as they are outside. From times to time I see a cute tabby and think oh I loved my cats, then my children pet the cat and then wipe their hands in my shirt and I sneeze, get itchy eyes and a dry mouth until I medicate. I will not have pet dander in my house. (Just as note, I don't care if other people have indoor pets as long as the house doesn't smell of urine, I just can't love anything that makes me want to rip my face off, yes that is how an allergy attack feels.) One day, we will have a yard with an outdoor animal. Until then, my son is subject to pet store visits and this:
Yes these are my son's pet goldfish. We bought them at the party store for 20 cents a piece. I had no intention of putting them in water, I just thought he would enjoy them. He has done this all himself. He wants to feed them, I said no.
But for reals how could I deny this face, with those eyes?
I might consider getting a real goldfish if we can ever remember to get our fish bowl from grandpa. The last fish lived too long for my attention span. We moved in with grandma and grandpa for two months three years ago, and the fish never moved out. Someone told me to get a beta, but they live too long. Goldfish will be just right for mine, a preschooler and a toddler's attention span. If not we will learn about the circle of life and get another one. Oh he is so happy at the prospect!

For the record I had cats (indoor/outdoor) that I loved, until I became allergic. Then I had beta fish I loved in high school. Loved! how anyone can love a beta is beyond me, but I did, I would sing it to sleep during my midnight snack (at 9 pm) I would pet its bowl. I loved that fish until a family friend poisoned it while we were on vacation by over feeding. But with two small children I just don't have the love commitment of two years for a beta fish right now. All my betas have lived 2+ years, even the one poisoned. Three years of bowl cleaning and feeding. I get about enough cleaning and feeding with my two little ones. Three months is a commitment I can make which is where the goldfish comes in. That being said I did have a goldfish in elementary school that lived two years, yikes!


  1. Love it!!! So creative you are, not pathetic!

  2. One, I love the new layout. Two, you are not a pathetic mom. I basically hate pets. I only like MY dog. That's seriously it. Three, I would definitely give in and get a fish. Look at those sweet puppydog eyes on J!