Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Father's Day

Can you tell who picked out my son's clothes for church? Yup he carefully matched the colors, gray, white, and yellow are found in both the tie and the shirt. The shirt is just mostly blue, and the pants are gray. The pants need to be retired they are a little short.
We had a good father's day. My son sang in church, and actually sung the songs. He really knew the grandpa song. We came home watched a world cup game eat lunch, then took naps. Woke up eat Swiss Cheese Chicken. Then went for a walk and played at the park. Came home and watched soccer highlights, while listening to the K'naan song a billion times, during which time I cut the strawberries for our pound cake.
After we ate the cake, we opened presents. I got a him a new wallet, the baby got a him a book, and I made him a pen holder.
J got his dad, a spiderman house game, he especially asked to get his dad that. Then of course we played, which means we put the kids down for bed at 10 pm. WAY TOO LATE. But daddy got to do everything he wanted to, as did J.

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  1. Happy Father's Day to brent, great pictures to!! Love the spider man game, he sure is a great day!!!