Monday, March 2, 2009

The Day after Sunday

I have been meaning to record that my son is starting to say some of his own prayers. Yes I know his girl cousins have been doing this for about a year now, but he isn't a girl and he doesn't have older siblings. He still has us tell him what to say in the prayer. But three times how he has said his own things. I was very excited when he did this this first time. I think the secret for me is to say enough things for him to repeat that he can't remember it and he ad libs it. Unfortuantly, I can't remember the first prayer. The second time he added his own thing, we were saying bedtime prayers and he said "thank you that we could eat lunch and drink juice." My husband and I had to try very hard not to laugh at how cute he was. I figure that was pretty good because 3/5 of prayers he hears a day revolve around food. The third time was also bed prayer, and he said please bless me and Na... A.. Once again my husband and I loved it.
Speaking of love, when I tell him I love him or I love his sister. He said no just me. (As in you don't love me I love me, or you don't love her I love her.) He'll say just me love Na.. A.. and Daddy, and you and me. He finds it very important to love himself. I think that is important life skill, how can you love someone else if you don't love yourself. Really I think it just that he hears me says I love you to him a lot. If I tell him I love daddy, he'll say no just me. Just me loves daddy, and then say I love daddy, and Na... and you and me. Then I will say we can love the same people and he says oh, and laughs.


  1. Hi Leslie, I'm always interested, before I decide to do a blog, I always looked to his blog and his brothers, I loved, I had not put them on my list yet for fear that they might not like. What gave me courage to create my blog was because I am trying to learn the language, to speak and understand at least something in the beginning.

  2. What is really funny is when they start looking around the room and asking that everything they see be blessed, "Please bless the chair, please bless the legos, please bless my shoes..." My son has become tired of asking that the baby be blessed with good health, last night he asked that she would be able to do her homework and become smart. Kid prayers are so hilarious in their genuinity.

  3. Sheez, my kids prayers are always the same. Bless the poor and the sick and the missionaries...
    And of course the littlest girl still dances during the prayer and doesn't say them yet. That is so cool that your kids pray, maybe someday my kids will get it!