Friday, March 27, 2009

Chatting at

My husband and I were chatting at each other day and a common topic came up. How long will we stay in this current state. I'm mean what are the odds, 1/50 well a lot higher than that, refuse to move anywhere colder than here. We often get asked this question, either by fellow residents or by people who just love us but live in different borders. Some imply you got to get out of the crazy state, others say, it sure is nice to be by family, then remember most of my family does not live here. Although I could hardly move to another state to be by family, no body is very permanent other than my parents (and they aren't really they just have lived there for 15 years). Neither my husband and I were born in this state so the point is we wouldn't be opposed to moving if my husband got a better job.
Back to the point, when people ask us if we are moving any time soon, here are our new response.
My was, "when the Lord tells me I can move, so far he hasn't let me."
My husband's response was much better, wittier and everything like that, "we'll be here until the saints get called to missouri, or we find a job somewhere else"
Overall my response is the same as my family planning method, and now you know entirely TOO much about me. But just know I never plan on having children, I just obey.


  1. my answer about children is the same too... obeying has me three babies in three years!

  2. I thought you were talking about your crazy state as in being mentally in a state of craziness or something like that. What is wrong with Utah? I just got here and am beginning to love it...

  3. I didn't realize your husband was so domineering when it came to having kids. I'll have a talk with him.

  4. I can guarantee brent did not plan on a second, or subsequent ones that follow.