Wednesday, March 18, 2009


I always thought I was a push over, but after going to story time today, I'm starting to think I'm strict.
Really, I think a child can go 30 minutes without eating during story time. Is that unreasonable? Shouldn't we actually should be teaching our children NOT to eat in a library?
Here apparently is where I'm really strict. I don't think my child should be allow to run around in the back of the room while the librarian tries to read a book. After 5 children were running around for a couple of minutes, the temptation was too great, my kid wanted in the action. I promptly walked over and grabbed him. Not until I took him away, did the other moms think to stop their children from running and screaming during story time. I mean yes I have a small child, so he runs around like a manic, and I'm often yelling his name as he runs away, but should we TRY to teach our children respect others?
After we left the library we had a talk in the car, about appropriate behavior in the library. Yes mind you, my child likes to run as fast as he possibly can in the library, and often screams LOOK! but at the same time when do you teach them if not now. His screams are always followed with a "please whisper." We both agreed that running around is fun, but story time is not somewhere we run around, because its rude, which means it hurts the librarian's feelings. Yes, I will admit at church parties my child is the one of the kids running around screaming, but that doesn't mean he is allow to do it on Sunday. In fact he is often the child leading the other kids running around screaming, but not on Sunday. Now he has learned also not at the library.


  1. I think this is why we had to give up on story time at the library long ago...

  2. Go Le! Your Strict is being polite to others and that is good lesson to learn early.
    I don't do story time because my older kids would have to come and then they would answer all the questions and think they were really smart...but really the questions were for 3-4 yr. olds.

  3. Good job! I think it is never to early to teach appropriate behavior. My Cub Scouts need a good walluping from their parents...or maybe their parents need a good walluping. They can't sit still, whisper, listen, or say kind things. I brought up the issue at Committee Mtg. I got some glares from some of the adults like I was trying to take the FUN out of Cub Scouts...I should have said that I want to teach them respect for the flag, respect for the speakers, respect for adults, respect for the church building, respect for themselves. But instead I sounded like an old maid...until finally two others backed me up.

  4. I completely agree! Way to go! If we had more mothers like you we would have less disrespect for others in this world! :)