Friday, March 13, 2009


My daughter is now three months old. Which means we are out of the fourth trimester, or the out of the womb fetus stage. She has really started to wake up recently. She has even made her first friends. She has liked these guys for a few weeks. She loves to talk and laugh at them.
This is the only toy she will hold, a baby Einstein duck. She grabs his arms, she hugs him, talks to him, and eats his face. As you can see she is very excited to be playing with him.

She also has rolled over once. On Monday, I put her to bed, and the next thing I knew she had rolled over to the other side of her body. I didn't see it, but its the only way to get on the opposite side of your body.


  1. Wait, I thought she was going to be a newborn forever!

    Actually, there is another way to get on the other side of your body as a baby. I used to sneak into my baby brother's room and roll him over in his crib. This excited my mom, as he was so young at the time. So I continued to it on a regular basis. I finally admitted the truth some fifteen years later. I guess we'll never know when my brother really began to roll over himself.