Friday, March 20, 2009

Kitchen's up and downs

Living in an old house has it ups and downs. Right now I'm particularly happy I don't own this 20s bungalow. You maybe recall the previous bathroom pictures, the kitchen sink started leaking in the downstairs living room two nights ago, and the downstairs is made for someone much shorter than my husband and I. I'm slightly afraid, its making me into a hunchback, luckily its only the doorways. Not to mention the roof on the house looks like its melting. The shingles are no longer defined squares. I am currently falling out of love with old houses, I don't want a house that is too old, it just seems like too much money and too much work. I absolutely hate old kitchen cabinets that don't shut without a magnetic. I realize this just requires new hinges but I refuse to buy things to improve a rental. I hate my cabinet doors, I hate how none of the drawers are on rollers, but I love how old kitchens have little shelves above the sink. Here is mine right now. Every few months I redecorate it, because if you haven't noticed that's what I do.


  1. Old houses are expensive. They do have cool little oddities about them, but I have decided that this time around, I want a house with grounded wiring, updated plumbing, and NO lath-and-plaster! Seriously, old houses can be cool, but with small children, who really has the time to put in the time and money???

  2. Hey I left you a great comment on your little crafty page under aprons!