Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A second?!

I decided to separate my blog. In the beginning it started off as a blog about me. It seems to have morphed into three separate blogs. Goodreads htmls, my family, and my crafts. I'm separating my crafts. I'm really trying to make it easier to make blog books, by deleting most of my old posts. But I use my blog to look up past crafts all the time, to remember how to recreate crafts, so I need those kept. Long story short, check out the princess and the pea. What does that have to do with my crafts I don't know. Hapilly Ever after is a story of my life with Brent and our family. But my crafts is all about me, the princess and the pea, that's at least what Brent tells me I am.
Right now all it is, is old craft posts and a few extra I love. But soon I will post what me and my sewing machine have been up to.

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